Wednesday, March 14, 2012

7-Zip for Mac

I've been wanting to write an OSX app and get into Xcode recently, so I decided to make a nice Cocoa-based 7-Zip for Mac.

It was hard to understand the black magic behind InterfaceBuilder, but Apple has a bunch of nice examples built in to their help system which helped a lot.

Objective-C is weird at first.  You dont usually need to implement an interface (like c#), but if you name your methods the correct name, they just magically get called by the runtime.  Makes discovering how to do things a google/stackoverflow exercise, rather than inside your IDE.

This is v0.1.  There is no support yet for creating archives, zip files are set to open with 7-Zip Mac by default and there are no preferences.  But its useful already I think.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

OpenC1 1.4

So I meant to post this a couple of weeks back, but things have been pretty crazy busy with moving to San Francisco from New Zealand.

OpenC1 1.4 is available now from


  • Downloads and uses free C1 demo, SplatPack demo and SplatPack Xmas demo content
  • Fixed (for real this time) ATi rendering issues
  • Lots of small bugs 
  • Added pedestrian gibs 
  • Added support for some strange SplatPack .pix files
  • Fixed gameplay issues like being awarded credits and time for the AI running over peds

Edit: OpenC1 1.4 source code now available on  Go check it out!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Carmageddon is back!

Now its official news I can tell you guys - Stainless Software has got the rights back to the whole Carmageddon series!!  

There is a new Carmageddon game in the works, and for me, no more Square Enix legal threats!  There is also a possibility of the original game being re-released for modern Windows system which personally I am pretty excited about :)

So check out the new and get involved on the community forums!

I'm not sure exactly what this means for OpenC1 - as you can tell development has stopped for a while and I'm working on other projects, but I've been talking to Stainless on and off for a while and they are pretty supportive which is great!