Saturday, December 26, 2009

Today I finished support for vehicles with less or more than 4 wheels (previously I had assumed all cars had 4 wheels, and were rear wheel drive).  This means weird cars like Faust, Hammer and awesomely the Big Apc can be driven in OpenC1


  1. Very nice :)
    Have you already tried fan-made cars?
    A few that might be interesting to test: Fleshovl, PedBasher, Birdy, The Beast and The Borgnine. They all include animated parts, different set of wheels or unusual materials.

  2. thanks. no I haven't yet, but its on the list to do in the not-to-distant future as Im sure it will expose bugs I havent come across by just using the standard cars :)

  3. I have to say as somebody who played Carmageddon when it was brand new and who has attempted to play it again in recent years that this definitely looks much better than out-of-the-box Carmageddon ever did. Since you're basically rebuilding the engine from scratch and I'm currently attempting to rip the resources from the game, I've got a couple of questions if you wouldn't mind answering them!

    1.) Is there any way to simply view the car models? I'm talking in something along the lines of Milkshape or what have you.

    2.) Where is the cockpit information stored? I can't seem to find a PIX file with the steering wheel and dash and all that in it, but I could have possibly missed that.

    I hope to hear back from you soon!

  4. hey, sorry, missed your comment first time round.

    1) No, they're stored in a proprietary binary format

    2) They're under data\64x48x8 (hires) or 32x24x8 (normal res)