Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm tired after a night of coding, so I might just post some screenshots and add some details later...

The first one shows off the almost finished special volume support in the Magnachem industrial zone.  The windscreen is using the specvol reflection, and the water doesn't have much gravity (which is why the wheelie)

These next ones are even more fun!  Yep, opponents are in OpenC1 :)  They don't do anything yet, just sit there in a nice grid.  This weekend I want to implement the opponent paths and get them following the race track around.  I love this screenshot, because when I was browsing around my screenshots to upload it to the blog, I missed it at first thinking it was a screenshot I took with the original game :)  Awesome!  Sleep time now...


  1. haha, I see where the confusion comes from, looking good as ever Jeff! I'm real curious how the ai will work out for you, hope there are not to many hurdles to take.

  2. Excellent! Will you be able to play the other cars? My favorite ever was the electric car that was(Karma-Elecra?) be able to zap people. The Off Quay map + that car = one of the best moments of carnage you can experience in the game!

  3. Looks great! I hope you'll be making die anna's car too, I loved that one more :P

  4. harm, ill get them following the track first, then work on the attack mode :)

    And yes, you'll be able to play all the other cars, including user-made cars

  5. unbelievable.
    you're crazy man. I love your need for speed revived !
    and this is just crazy, can't wait for the pedestrians.