Thursday, August 26, 2010

I've been really busy as usual with work and not a lot of time to work on OpenC1.  In the last week or so I've got back into it though, and right now its full steam ahead :)

Thanks for the feedback from the last video, hopefully i've sorted most of the problems:

  • Vehicles don't bounce away from walls in big crashes (as seen in the last video)
  • Corrected the center of rotation for taller vehicles (Screwie and Dump especially)
  • Reduced amount of vehicle particles (in the last video they were all over the screen)
  • Implemented the width of AI paths defined in the map data so AI can get around the tracks much better
  • When the player gets far away from the AI, the AI is respawned near the player
  • If the player gets far enough away from an attacking AI vehicle, the AI will resume racing, instead of trying to track down and kill the player forever...
  • Cops! Cops are now implemented and fully functional, including the Special Forces cop in the Blood On The Rooftops map.

Todo in the next couple of days:
  • Race completed - camera animation, exit the map etc.
  • UI to choose car and map.  Right now its all hard-coded.

Then I'll finally be ready to implement pedestrians.  I'm going to try to spend a bunch of time on OpenC1 in the next couple of weeks to get pedestrians in there :)


  1. Incredible!

    This is awesome. You really deserve a huge amount of credit for this! Cant wait to see this finished!

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. so cool, keep it up!

    Will the electric car, the replay function and video of the driver (in the upper left) be included?

    Every person i know and who played this fantastic game, simply loved it to clean the football stadium with the car (or every other car :))


  3. Congrats on making yourself impossible to contact, your forum impossible to view, and errors impossible to report.

    Fix that.

    Until then, sharepod is worthless. I'd put this somewhere more suitable but you've made damn sure there IS no suitable place to put it.

  4. @innomen - somewhere more suitable? how about the actual SharePod blog (, or sending me an email. (Help screen in SharePod)

    If you dont want to use it fine, try something else, but don't come here complaining about something you got for FREE... In fact if you'd bothered to check out the SharePod blog, I explain exactly why SharePod does not fully support iOS4.

  5. @tomb thanks - Carmageddon has always been my favorite game, so Im having a lot of fun working on it :)

    @sash, the electric car will have the electro-bastard ray. The replay function and prat-cam I dont personally plan to implement, but once the source code is out there if someone wants to do it they can :)

  6. Ah Jeff, don't worry about the rude guys. For every person complaining, there's 100 silently enjoying your work.

    Anyway, good update, glad things are progressing.

  7. This is truely awesome :), what license will you release this under?

  8. @tony yeah :)
    @sven I'll probably host it on google code under GPL.

  9. This is amazing work! Just wanted to say that your remake has another fan. Keep up the good work.

  10. It is always good to see you keep working on this project, Carmageddon is also my favorite game of all time.

    sry for my english.

  11. I've also fixed the weird glowing car effect thats in the previous video, where the vehicles seem to be lit more brightly than the track around them. Just watched the video again and its really obvious to me now!

  12. ah, thx for the reply.
    I dont really care for the cam (although a nice contrasting element) and the replay but thinking back and seeing the current gta replay function, proofs imo once again how cool carmageddon was for its time.

  13. Thank you for keeping up the good work! Please, implement at least the prat-cam, it's a distinctive seal of the first Carmageddon, and it never was used in the rest of them.
    Please, please, hehehe!!

  14. yeah please do prat cam :) It's quite distinctive. Hearing them scream/say funny stuff is a fun part of the game :)

    How close are you to releasing a version we can play with? :D