Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I've had a big increase in traffic since the last post, and I've seen some confusion from people who haven't been following the blog about what this project is and is not about.

As a (completely) amateur game coder and big Carmageddon fan, I put together a map / model viewer using file format specs available on the internet.  I had a lot of fun doing that, and so I just started implementing more features.  I didn't expect many people to be interested in what I was doing - it was mostly just for my own interest.

Here are the salient points:

  • It is a purely amateur, fan-made effort
  • I haven't tried to reverse-engineer any of the original code
  • I'm doing it simply for fun - I don't profit in any way
  • The OpenC1 engine I have developed simply loads arbitrary files from a folder and figures out how to display them
  • The first release included the free, official, unmodified Carmageddon demo (which I know now was wrong - but again, I simply didn't think anyone would be that interested)
  • It now won't require any original copyrighted content, thanks to the C1 community who have created their own cars and tracks.
I'm not making any comment on legal issues until they have been resolved.


  1. Can't you make it so that fans just add the demo themselves after they download your work?
    That way, everybody is responsible for their stuff on their private pc's.
    You could just release your work and a readme with the folder where to put what original carmageddon files and that saves the problem as everybody has the right to use his owned files as he wishes on his own pc!

  2. I think that is half-way implied by the post.

    Jeff, I support what you are doing and I'm sure others do too. Feel free to let us know how we can help.

  3. Yes, so do I. I actually believe moving to custom content will be very interesting, as it will end up as a totally new custom package. I see possibilities for it being a new platform for modding or creating a new carma version with additional features...

    I for one am glad you made this move, perhaps out of a necessity, but in the end I think it will be very interesting.

    keep up the good work! You definitely have my support when it comes to custom content ;)

  4. Yes, I remember the carmageddon scene back in the day was very large. I am willing to bet this twist will bring some of those creative minds to this project and generate more interest.

  5. Jeffrey, you betrayed me... I wanted the original one, but i can bet that this will be completely different of Carma.

  6. Wow, am I late to the game or what? Is OpenC1 still published by you? I'd love to relive the Carmageddon feel of driving through that crazy city. :) I noticed the access to the source code is not available any longer?

  7. I hope you are still working on this and you're going to release further stuff!

  8. they cant stop you if you dont use or distribute their gamecode in any way.

    the demo code was inteded for distribution so they cant touch you there either

    the mistake was to bundle it with your code. continue to develop the engine without touching the original code and they cant do nothing about it.

  9. @ ferdothebad

    Hold on, my brain needs a moment to process what you just posted.

    Yes, I did indeed read it correctly the first time. You effectively just stated that the creator betrayed you by not wishing to end up in prison. Wow. You sir, are officially a waste of oxygen.

    Yes, any subsequent versions he releases will differ dramatically from the original product in order to avoid copyright infringement. Deal with it. :)

  10. any updates?

    Would be nice to know how you're getting on. Really looking forward to any updates!

  11. as would i as i hadnt the time to downlod the first "beta" of the remake(mix) when it was relesed i was at a computer that wasnt mine

  12. Doug, here mate, enjoy the demo!

  13. I check this blog every date for updates.
    Are you my Santa this year?