Wednesday, March 14, 2012

7-Zip for Mac

I've been wanting to write an OSX app and get into Xcode recently, so I decided to make a nice Cocoa-based 7-Zip for Mac.

It was hard to understand the black magic behind InterfaceBuilder, but Apple has a bunch of nice examples built in to their help system which helped a lot.

Objective-C is weird at first.  You dont usually need to implement an interface (like c#), but if you name your methods the correct name, they just magically get called by the runtime.  Makes discovering how to do things a google/stackoverflow exercise, rather than inside your IDE.

This is v0.1.  There is no support yet for creating archives, zip files are set to open with 7-Zip Mac by default and there are no preferences.  But its useful already I think.


  1. Hi Jeff!

    Can I have your email? Want to told you something about OpenC1.

  2. Hey Jeff, Your work is amazing!!! two games i would see a rebout is the old One Must Fall 2097 (i think the source code never been published) and a great collection of Need for Speed 16 in the same game and that road and track style!

  3. Is 7-Zip Mac still available for download? It looks like what I want, but I get a 404 when I click on the "Download" button. Thanks!

  4. @Ryan - thanks for letting me know. It should be downloadable again now :)

  5. Great work! Multiplayer over TCP would be it :)
    Fox and Hounds was really funny.